BASHY is a quarterly digital and print publication focused on art, style, culture and cultural commentary of and on Jamaica. The publication was created as a response and need to put the representation of Jamaica into the hands of Jamaican writers and creatives on the island and part of the diaspora. 


Embodying the outspoken and unruly spirit of Jamaica's ancestors, BASHY Magazine aspires to speak to the millennial Jamaican: the one who is bold and is unafraid to stand in their truth.

Editorial Mandate

BASHY Magazine is a Toronto-based quarterly made by and for Jamaica and its diaspora.

It bolsters Jamaican writers, photographers, visual artists, content creators and creatives around the world featuring the best reportive essays, op-eds, cultural commentary, personal essays, interviews, profiles and poetry. Through its five sections—Culture, Music, Style, Arts, Nyammin’—BASHY Magazine is committed to complicating and adding nuance to global and local Jamaican identity.

Founded in 2017 by Toronto-based writer and critic, Sharine Taylor, the magazine’s Publisher, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief, BASHY Magazine was borne out of frustration. With the severe lack of Jamaican writers and content creators penning works on their own culture and cultural identity within the broader media landscape, the publication approaches its editorial content by employing anti-racist, anti-oppressive and anti-colonial frameworks.

With a new print-on-demand model that allows readers to purchase directly from its manufacturer, BASHY Magazine reduces its ecological footprint, additionally offers e-issues to be purchased and makes available all print stories to its far-reaching digital community by way of bashymagazine.com.

Fearless, bold and unapologetic, BASHY Magazine continues to push boundaries and have necessary conversations, underscored by our motto, “Tek it to dem.”

Interested contributors should read our guidelines.

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Without the support of BASHY's Big League, our publication would not be able to reach new heights. These Big League Members contribute a substantial amount of support to our publication that allow us to continue doing the work that we do. If you would like to be part of BASHY's Big League, visit here for more information.

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