Contributors are able to write for BASHY's digital platform or print issues. Please ensure that if you choose to write for our print issue, your pitch is inline with our prompt. If you are unsure of how to pitch, read our pitch guideline below. If you have a pitch that would fair better online, or falls outside of our prompt, please contact one of our editors. Otherwise, you can add your name to our contributor list below where you'll receive early notification when our calls-for-pitches go live.

Unless you are submitting a short story or poem for consideration in our Arts section, please do not write a piece before pitching it to one of our editors. 

While we are grateful for pitches from folks who appreciate or enjoy an aspect of Jamaica's far reaching culture, this publication was created for and by Jamaica and its diaspora. BASHY Magazine will be prioritizing the voices and narratives of those who occupy said identities.

Note: BASHY Magazine does not republish work.

how-to pitch

I realized that as an emerging writer, I used to look everywhere for tips on how to pitch to my favourite publications and thought it may be helpful to let people know how to pitch to BASHY editors.

  1. Use the subject line in your email as an opportunity to provide a sample headline. It will also let the editor see the essence of the piece you intend on writing. Example: [PITCH: New Magazine Emerges Chronicling Jamaica And Its Diaspora] Short and concise will get your idea across.

  2. Introduce yourself (links to your portfolio or samples of writing are always helpful, recommended and encouraged) and summarize your pitch in three to seven sentences.

    • These sentences should include

      • Who/what you intended on writing about

      • What topics/themes you intend on exploring

      • Relevance

      • Connection to our prompt (especially if it's for print)

  3. Ensure you're sending your pitch to the appropriate editor. For regional/localized pitches, send it to one of our regional editors. For broader pitches that fall under one of our sections, send it to one of our section editors.

Looking forward to your pitches!

Sharine Taylor, Editor-in-Chief