The Official Volume One, Issue Two Playlist

The Official Volume One, Issue Two Playlist

In every Jamaican home three things are guaranteed: food, your mother having loud phone conversations that wake you up at the crack of dawn and showing a boundless amount pride for your heritage with our music. It’s timeless, it shot and no matter how old or young you are, it has the ability to unite us together.

For our second issue, BASHY curated a playlist with some of our favourite songs of celebration or remind us of moments of celebration.

Listen to BASHY’s Celebration playlist and be sure to follow us on Spotify and Apple Music.


  1. Action - Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland

  2. Rock Away - Beres Hammond

  3. Bam Bam - Pliers

  4. She’s Hot - T.O.K

  5. Money 2 Burn - T.O.K

  6. Champion - Dwayne BravoGimme The Light - Sean Paul

  7. Nah Sell Out - Khago

  8. Holiday - Ding Dong ft. Chevaughn Clayton

  9. Man Is The Least - Lady Saw

  10. So Mi Like It - Spice

  11. Tight Up Skirt - Red Rat

  12. Tear Off Mi Garment - Beenie Man

  13. Heads High - Mr. Vegas

  14. Pon De River Pon Di Bank - Elephant Man

  15. Coca-Cola Body Shape - Simpleton

  16. Dwayne - Red Rat

  17. Can’t Satisfy Her - I Wayne

  18. Ramping Shop - Vybz Kartel ft Spice

  19. Clarks - Vybz Kartel feat Popcaan

  20. Flair is in the Air - Ding Dong

  21. Dweet (Genna Bounce) - Ding Dong

  22. Flairy - Ding Dong

  23. Stukie - QQ

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